Viale Mariotti 8 - 61032 Fano
+39 0721 824609 | +39 320 6985561


Giuseppe await you at Villa Liberty. If you arrive by train, he will gladly come to the station and “give you a lift” home. Giuseppe used to be teacher in Mathematics and IT in high school. For about 20 years, Giuseppe have also been running a leading tour operator in the Italian villa and vacation home sector. Treasuring this experience, he is now able to provide hospitality in his own home in a most “relaxed” and customised way. He do this not only with care and attention, but also with discretion and with the utmost respect for other people’s autonomy, freedom and privacy.

Giuseppe shuts his PC only to go fishing mussels at sea or spending time at the family farmhouse in the countryside outside Fano, mowing the lawn and irrigating the market garden and olive grove. “Raggiola” olive trees, “Leccino” olives, Frantoio olive, “Moraiolo” olive: he is proud to produce little nectar of sublime quality!

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