Viale Mariotti 8 - 61032 Fano
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The Breakfast Room

Our assisted buffet breakfast is served between 8 am and 10 am in a large room of 35 square meters equipped with two entrances and four large windows overlooking the garden. Antique chandeliers and national walnut furniture have always been here. So, we asked ourselves, why furnish these rooms with the new homologated and anonymous (Aiazzone-luxury we say jokingly ..)? Even the paintings that now cover the walls (our child Guest wrote on the Guest-book: “viva Villa Liberty, the picture gallery!”) are family and there is no picture of the “Drinker” of Teomondo Scrofalo who often makes a fine show of himself in some new structure, perhaps above the large vase with fake sunflowers ..

We receive You in our house which is the way it has always been, in the hope that the atmosphere will be appreciated. Also for the “mise en place” of your breakfast we use objects “Ikea free”, being those that have always been in our closets, like the napkins in pure linen embroidered by Nonna Pina ..

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